Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Woodland Creature Quilt

Whenever one of us mamas announces that we are pregnant, the other mamas get to work.  Immediately.

It was no exception when Funky Mama told us the good news that she was expecting her first.  We knew, however, that Funky Mama's baby to be needed something, well, a little funky.  No log cabin quilt for this family! This babe needed a quilt as unique as she would be. (Are you surprised that this baby is a she? If you haven't caught on by now, the mamas seem only able to produce the female variety of babies, which is fine by us - imagine the hand-me-downs!  We'll keep trying though, for the sake of our spouses, to have some baby boys (we'll let you know how it goes!).

Since Funky Mama is truly gifted in the art department, she got to drawing. And, as Nana always does, she got to quilting.

The results?

This lovely Woodland Creatures Quilt.

Not only is the quilt unique, but each square has its own fun personality.  You can almost hear the tweety bird chirping, "hello."  And that fox.  He looks like he is up to something.

As for this little guy...

What does he say to you?

(We'll post more pictures of each of the blocks soon.  However, the Woodland Creatures stayed at home while the mamas are visiting each other.)


  1. I love my quilt!! And Emery loves it too! She likes to look at each individual animal and she tries to pick them off to play and snuggle with them!!!

  2. the quilt on your banner/top of the page makes me think of fall. love it!

  3. Oh, how precious! This is just the sweetest design.

  4. I adore this! I wish I could make something like this, but I am not an experienced quilter.


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