Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hot Mama posted this video of her dog, Willie, the other day.

The joy that is in that doggie as he is running is contagious! It left me thinking:

 What makes me feel like that?

What gives me an extra burst of energy that makes me want to just burst out of my skin I am so glad?

A smile from this girl:


A beautiful piece of fabric:

My girl's hands exploring my face and the smell of her after a bath:

Babies discovering the world:

What brings you joy? (Feel free to leave a link!)


  1. What brings me joy? Coffee in the morning, guilty pleasures like reading a Twilight book, baby kisses, and a man that does the dishes!

  2. Ice cream, free stuff at the begining of school, a call from an old friend, Jack Johnson, and everything about my family :)!!


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