Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet-a-Mama Monday: Hot Mama

Hot Mama
(aka) Linda

Mama to three grown babies, "Mimi" to five grand-babies, and dog-mama to one 
adopted greyhound, Willie.  And Nana's best friend and sister!  
Hot Mama lives life on the go in the HOT Arizona desert.  
She has energy in abundance - not at all a side effect of her love of coffee ; )  
And she uses that energy for sew many fun things!

One of my favorite things she does is make beautiful knit blankets.  She has made one for each of our babies.  And, each of our babies loves their blanket.  It is Emery's favorite blanket to sleep with. She pulls it up to her sweet little face and cuddles with it as she drifts to sleep. Who can blame her? The blankets are each so soft and warm. They simply invite sleep!  She also makes beautiful fluffy baby towels to wrap the little darlings in after a bath. 

Hot Mama also runs around with her adopted greyhound, Willie. You remember how much energy he has!  (Or at least, that's how much energy he has for about 5 seconds out of the hot Arizona day - check it out HERE)  Willie has been a wonderful addition to Hot Mama's family. He is well behaved, sweet, and just a good ole happy dog! Adopting a greyhound was the perfect way for Hot Mama and her hubby to add to their family while also helping a dog in need.

She's just sweet like that!  

 Aunt Linda's blankets and towels are lovely, but more importantly, she has the biggest and most generous heart ever and uses it to love her family and friends.  She throws herself into whatever project she is working on 110%... 
And, because crocheting, sewing, training a dog, being a grandma, and lending a helping hand to everyone isn't enough - in her spare time, Hot Mama is also an amazing cook (of the health conscience variety). And helps her hubby with their family business.  
And farms. 
(facebook farms that is) 


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