Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things I do When Nursing

Confession time...  

I may or may not be known to:
  •  Keep holding my sweet baby in the nursing position after she has fallen asleep or is otherwise done nursing so I can finish the last few pages of Outlander
  • Think my little one is hungry as soon as dinner is finished, conveniently in time for dishes.
  • Find a cookie crumb or two in her fuzzy little baby hair after I have snacked while nursing.
  • Nursed in a toy store...while still shopping.
  • Played Words with Friends on my i-pod, and only think of words like, "boob" or "milk," while she suckles away.
  • Attempted to glue embellishments on some home-made cards one-handed while the other hand/arm is otherwise engaged in supporting my nursing baby. 
What do you do while nursing?


Sorry for all the links. I am learning how to link and therefore a little link happy!


If you have not discovered Words with Friends  yet and you have some kind of apple-device that supports apps, by all means, stop reading this right now and download Words with Friends. But be forewarned, it is addicting.


If you are the recipient of a not-up-to-Green-Mama's-usual-standard home-made birthday card, I'm sorry.  And, yes, that watermark in the corner is probably from a drop of milk or a little spit-up. I thought it added a (very) personal touch. 

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