Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet a Mama Monday

Meet Funky Mama
aka Kelsey

Kelsey is a dreamer, an artist, a cryer... 
(the kind that will cry reading this post, or at a Hallmark commercial, or if asked to speak in public)
She's kind and accepting and sentimental.
And she's a good mama to her little Emery.

They are two peas in a pod... easy going, giggly, messy, silly, 
spontaneous, fun, resilient and happy!
Kelsey is an artist and loves art of all styles and mediums.

Jackson Pollock, Monet, Dale Chihuly

She does pen and ink, and paints in oil, acrylic, and... coffee.

(Head on over to her Etsy shop - The Hand Store to see more of her work)

She loves to decorate a cupcake,

or to make baby bows,

or design quilts

or paint letters

But mostly she just makes people smile!


  1. I've never gotten to see Kelsey's work in person, but it's obvious from the pictures (here and stuff I've seen from Erin) that she is amazingly talented!

  2. Kelsey, I'm a crier too:)
    You are so talented! I looked at your work from your Etsy shop and it is beautiful!
    And if I had a little girl, I'd have you make me some of those adorable baby bows! Lots of cute stuff on here!!

  3. Kelsey! You are so grown up and beautiful! Of course you were pretty little last time I saw you during the Pride soccer days :) I am a teensy bit jealous of your artistic abilities...ok a lot bit :) Little Emery is lucky to have such an amazing mom!

  4. Kelsey,
    You are just so talented. Your work is beautiful and I can tell everything is done with love. I always love seeing pictures of your creations.Emery is so cute and getting cuter everyday. Your free spirit is probably envied by more people that you could ever imagine. I bet you are just the most wonderful mother but then, again, you learned from your wonderful mother. Keep posting pictures of your work and Emery. Miss ya! I would love to see Emery some day! Take Care, Ginger

  5. Kelsey, Your art work is incredible!!! I am so amazed at how talented you are. Your little girl is so lucky to have such an amazing mother who loves her so much!! What a blessing you are to so many people.

  6. aw all the comments made me cry!!! haha thanks everyone!


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