Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Day

In anticipation of the 4-7 inches of snow we are supposedly getting this afternoon, I thought I'd share some pictures from our last snow day.

Karis wasn't really sure what to think of the snow. Like she does with most new experiences, she studied it closely. I'm sure she would have loved to touch it, but silly mama, I didn't take her gloves off.  Plus, she was so bundled up, she could hardly move. I think I'll have to take her out again today and let her play in the snow without gloves! 

Seeing these pictures, I can't help but think how lucky we are.

We have warm clothes, a warm house, plenty of food to keep our bellies warm, 
and love of family and friends. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Stella Pixie Hat

We first saw this adorable hat on Meg's site at Sew Liberated

Isn't it sweet?
It has a little bit of a vintage feel. But most of all, it just looks adorable!

Of course, when we first saw it, we thought... someone has to learn to knit!
We picked up some needles, bought some yarn, and printed the directions!

Nana called Hot Mama a/k/a her sister, Linda, who is a wonderful knitter, and through the wonders of the phone, she figured out what it meant when it said, "knit two, purl two."

And now, Nana is a Stella Pixie hat making machine!
She has made one for all the grand-babies! I can't wait until we can get them all together for a sweet picture in their Stella Pixie hats! 

Me, on the other hand... well, I've cast on about five times. I've knit about two rows and had to take it out. I finally convinced Nana to cast on for me and knit the first two rows. Perhaps by next winter I'll have made a hat!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet a Mutt Monday

Happy Meet-a-Mama Mutt Monday Tuesday! (I meant to post this all day yesterday, and somehow did not get around to doing it!)

A few weeks ago, my sweet husband happened to mention that maybe, just maybe, we might be amenable to adopting another dog or a kitty. Once Mom leaves, we will only have one dog in the house- which will feel VERY empty after our current situation of two dogs, one cat, and one kitten (for a month while Aunt Jenny is here). 

Within a hour of him mentioning the maybe I had downloaded the Pet Finder app for our i-Pad, looked at all the local shelters, and researched various breeds.

A few days later, Mom and I were running errands and decided to just stop by a local shelter- Animal Haven. Just to see if they had any kittens. A cat, after all, would be so much easier than a dog.

They did have  some cats. 

But, they also had this sweet 6 month old puppy. 

She was found as a stray with her brother. 
Her brother had just gotten adopted, and this sweet girl was lonely. 

With a face likes this...

well, you can guess how this story ended.

Maggie is the sweetest dog! She pleasantly surprised us by being pretty much housebroken!

She is still a little shy around strangers, but getting better every day. 

She plays. She cuddles. Her whole body wiggles when she sees us. She is the epitome of a dog who will do anything to please you. And, oh! do we love this sweet puppy!!!

She is also famous. Before she was adopted, she was in a photo shoot for People magazine with Cindy Williams (from Laverne and Shirley). Cindy Williams was doing a show in Kansas City where, at the end of each show, they would introduce a shelter dog from Animal Haven. People magazine covered the story... and, voila! This week's issue has her picture!

There's more to our experience adopting a pound puppy, but that will have to wait  for another day. For now, I'd just like to say, I love the people at Animal Haven, and we adore our sweet puppy!

(Karis is trying to kiss Maggie)