Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nursing in a wrap

Nana knows best when it comes to all things baby.  Her choice of carrier is no exception.  A Moby wrap, or mama-made wrap (like the one Nana made me), is incredible! First of all, it is beautiful! 

But, more importantly, this carrier wraps your little one to you in such a sweet way.  It's perfect for those first few outings, where the world may seem too harsh and bright and just plain germ-filled for your newborn babe.  You can safely and comfortably bring your baby in toe wherever you go. She stays snuggled up tight to you.  Onlookers can admire from afar - strangers may inexplicably feel comfortable touching your baby in a car-seat carrier, but I can almost guarantee they won't feel as comfortable doing so when you little one is wrapped tightly next to you!

I wear my sweetie around the house quite often.  The allows me two hands to do things with and lets me carry my baby with me wherever I go.

Mamas everywhere who have fallen in love with wraps like this have probably seen pictures of other amazing mamas doing something akin to mama acrobatics with their little one: 

Yes, my friends, you can nurse in a wrap.  It just takes some practice.

It is well worth the time and effort.  Especially when your baby is, oh, say five months old, and is learning to move the nursing cover off of her head or just likes to take a break, look around, and say hi to everyone!

Some tips that worked for me and my little one:

1.  I nurse my sweetie by first wrapping the carrier (or by taking her out of the carrier). (see above)
2.  Then, I take off the shoulder strap on the opposite side that I am going to feed her on.  (I practiced A LOT sitting down first!) You can also nurse with both straps on, but I have a baby who does not like to nurse while being held tightly, so the double strap nursing doesn't work for us (usually).

3. Then, I unhook my nursing bra/shirt or otherwise prepare the area for eating. :)

4.  Next, I hold my baby in a cradle hold for breastfeeding, and take the strap that is still on my shoulder and place her little feet, bum, and back (in that order) through it.

5.  I then spread out the fabric so it covers her bum and back and let her start nursing.

Some adjusting may be necessary, but you should be good to go.  At this point, sometimes I put my other strap back on and bring the fabric across her bum for extra support.

All covered up and modest from all angles...

Feel free to get up and walk around.  You baby can nurse and you can keep shopping doing chores. Hope this helps! If you're still having trouble, feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to offer suggestions!


  1. Love it - wish I had one when my boys were little. I remember how much you have told me you love your wrap and I can certainly see why :) How great of you to put this post out there - simple and easy to understand. ~~ Cindy

  2. very easy to understand. my biggest issue is that i wear reg shirts (non nursing and non button up) so i have to pull my shirt up from my waist and it seems to become a mess from there.


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