Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mama Time

As a new mama I am quickly discovering time is not what it used to be.  First, I don't have any.  Anytime I'm not playing with my precious baby or nursing, I am doing dishes, eating, picking up, washing our cloth diapers, eating, making dinner, trying to give our much neglected dog some attention, and eating.  Did I mention eating? (In case you haven't noticed, nursing makes me ravenous!)

That means, all the projects I bought supplies for or put on my list of "things to do while on maternity leave" are still sitting, unfinished, in my crafting space, which is also yet to be cleaned.

(I realize now the foolishness of making a "things to do while on maternity leave" list.  The only thing on that list should be 1. Nurse and 2. Love your baby.  Because those are the only two things I did.  Oh yea, and 3. Eat (while nursing and loving your baby).)

Some of my crafty-related items that have yet to be finished include:

1. This adorable Happy Stacker Ring Toy from Heather Bailey.

2. These cute-as-a-button Button Booties from Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner.

3. A quilt. (A quilt is so much in the starting stages that I haven't even bought fabric!)

4. Finish scrapbooking our wedding album and start on her baby album.

After almost six blissful months of mama-hood, I am realizing that I need to adjust if I am ever going to finish any of my crafts before my sweet baby is old enough to have babies of her own.  But, how to adjust?  Forget, "to be or not to be."  Horacio, my friend, we already ARE... what we're trying to figure out is where can a working mama find some mama-time to craft?

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