Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chocolate + Butterflies + Cupcakes = DELICIOUS!

Our very own Trendy Mama is oh so talented in the party planning department.  Everyone always looks forward to attending a Trendy Mama party.  They are always tons of fun and beautifully decorated.  But, the real reason everyone looks forward to a Trendy Mama party is the cupcakes.

Who doesn't like cupcakes after all? 

Her latest creation was for a black and white bridal shower. 

They don't just look good though.  They taste good too.  These are chocolate fudge cupcakes with classic vanilla icing.  The body of the butterfly is some vanilla icing mixed with cocoa powder.  

Trendy Mama drew the outline of the butterfly wings on white paper, and then covered the white paper with a layer of wax paper.  She put melted semi-sweet chocolate into a plastic sandwich bag, cut off the tip of the bag, and used it to trace the butterfly wing outline with chocolate.  Using the same technique, Trendy Mama filled in the wings with white chocolate.  She then pulled the semi-sweet chocolate into the white chocolate using a toothpick.

How's that for trendy and thrifty?  


Have you made fun cupcakes? Please share a link to your fun creation.

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