Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to Nurse in Public

Let me  start by saying, this mama is mostly modest. I don't wear low cut shirts. I don't really even like to wear shorts. (Not because of any belief that they are indecent in general, just because I feel exposed) I say this mostly because now I have a nursing baby.

And when she is hungry, we nurse. 

Even if we are at the grocery store. Or at a graduation ceremony, or a bridal shower, or having lunch with a friend. (These are not hypotheticals)

I refuse to exile myself and my sweet baby to a germ-y bathroom to nurse in a stall. And, since I'm mostly modest, I don't feel comfortable just nursing 
a-la-naturelle in public.  

So I use a nursing cover.

Once again, I am so lucky to have some crafty mamas! What fun would it be to pull out a boring udder cover and sit there draped in a drab cloth?  

No fun at all.

Instead, out of my diaper bag (which is also pretty, by the way) comes a beautiful cloth over which I can drape my hungry sweetie and feed her in public in peace. And, because my family of mamas is sew crafty, we put in boning at the top of the nursing cover, so I can easily smile down at my nursing baby. 

Now that she is five months old (gasp!), she likes to break the latch herself and look up at me and smile... a sure way to melt my mama heart! 

We mamas are still trying to figure out the best way to offer our mama products to you from time to time (like the nursing covers and burp cloths). Right now we are trying etsy... do you have any other suggestions?  Where would you like to see our items sold?  

If you have any requests for custom made items, the mamas can accommodate that as well-- just send us an email!


  1. What kind of diaper is Karis wearing? - it doesn't look like a g diaper.

  2. It's not... it's a BumGenius 4.0. We moved to almost 100% cloth, so I figured it was time to invest in some dedicated-cloth diapers. I am addicted! Are you still using prefolds? (By the way, I love cloth diapers!)

  3. I love my nursing cover!! I don't know what I would do with out it! You can go anywhere and nurse anywhere! Usually people had no idea what I was doing! It helped that I had a fabulous looking fabric that I wasn't ashamed to bust out! The bonding at the top is the best part, so that only you can peek down and see your beautiful baby! And I love my BumGenius WAY! more than my g diapers even though I love them too!


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