Friday, August 27, 2010

Food has been on my mind lately. Mainly for this reason:

My little six-month old baby is eating real food! This milestone comes, like a lot of things in the world of motherhood, with BIG decisions that must 
be made. 

Serious, life altering, important, world  changing decisions. 

 Should we make our own or purchase baby food? Should we even feed her baby food? How many vegetables do I give her before I introduce fruit? How many days does she eat the same thing before introducing a new food item? How many times a day do we feed her? What about wheat and her risk for celiac (since I have celiac)? 

Perhaps I am over-reacting a bit. Not that I have EVER been known to over-react or over-think anything. 

Okay, maybe I'm an over-reacter/over-thinking just this one thing. Maybe.

After asking about 5 million questions, Nana and my hubby reminded me to relax. Eating solid foods is a natural part of the growth process. The really important part is that I watch her cues and do what she is ready for. The rest is really minor (and the pediatrician can advise us on the celiac stuff). She will be okay whether I feed her organic squash prepared fresh in my kitchen or squash bought at the grocery store in a little glass jar.

I'm pretty sure that since she is sitting up by herself, watching me chew and swallow (and even imitating sometimes), and reaching for my plate that she is ready for solids. (Hubby, Nana, Sisters, Pediatrician, three baby books, and countless websites all confirm this!!!)

You think I'm kidding. I'm not. 

Even though the decisions to be made aren't necessarily earth-changing ones, they are important. Ultimately, we decided to reside in the middle on most things. I make some of her food and buy some organic pre-made food. She hasn't had fruit yet, but that will come when I feel like she's ready for it. There are so many yummy vegetables to try first! And, the doctor is even pretty laid back about celiac. Her body will let us know if something isn't right. 

Maybe the most amazing things about these fragile little creatures that we feel so much responsibility for is that God has designed them to be pretty darn resilient. And, even though they may not be able to tell us in words what they need or want right now, they still tell us in their own way. We just have to watch carefully and pay attention. 

I like peas!

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