Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Prima Papa

Katie and I were "garage-saling" and came across a wonderful
Peg Perego Prima Papa high chair for a mere $30.00!
It looks brand new except that it had a custom fabric cover - washable, not wipeable.
So, we decided to try Heat n Bond Vinyl on a piece of beautiful fabric and make our own cover.
 LOVED using the vinyl.  Easy, easy, easy!
(I've always loved laminating things so this was the best - laminating fabric!!!)
Making a pattern from the old cover was a breeze too.
So in a few hours, here's what we have...

I wasn't aware that the vinyl came in a "matte" finish as well as "gloss".
I think I will try the matte finish next.
Anyone else have experience with iron-on vinyl?
I'm curious to see how it wears...

We'll be linking up with Quilt Story !


  1. Bravo! I have never recovered anything in my life so my hat is off to you! It looks wonderful!

  2. Wow Tami! How great does that look?!?! Love it, and I have been so excited yet nervous to try iron on vinyl...now i'll take the plunge. Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday, see you next week :)

  3. That is awesome! re-covering something is way over my head!!


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