Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet a Mama Monday

Meet Heather and Megan!

You may know Heather and Megan from their quilt pattern business
and their blogs Quilt Story and Fresh Poppy Design.
Quilt Story is a site where they share other's amazing quilts and have a fun linky party every Tuesday where you can share a project that involves fabric. Fresh Poppy Design is a place where they share decorating and crafting ideas with lots of tutorials.

Heather is a stay at home mama of 4 daughters and 1 baby boy. Her life is her kidos, carpools and house-work. However, she's a craft addict and sneaks in a craft or two as much as she can. What a busy mama!

Megan is a stay at home mama of 2 little boys; Sawyer - 3 and Ollie - 22 months. Her husband is in his third year of medical school so it's a little crazy at their house. Megan's house keeping tip: "I like to be out and about with my boys which keeps the house a little cleaner and makes me feel like I'm doing something right!" She tries to craft as much as possible, but her crafting generally doesn't start until 8 pm!

Their Aunt Wendy and their mom taught them to quilt about three years ago and they've been busy ever since!

Just for fun the sisters have a yearly retreat to Park City, Utah - without children!

A couple of months ago...
"We had dinner and headed up to the hotel. We stopped at a supermarket to get our late night treats to enjoy while we watched movies and stayed up way too late. We grabbed our basket and filled it with the essentials: 2 pints of ice cream, 2 small bags of chips (because you always need a salty note after ice cream) two spoons and two waters. The important and embarrassing word here? TWO. Heather grabbed my arm and through giggles made me realize how shameful our basket was. Quickly we grabbed more spoons, bananas (which I brought home the next day for my boy's) and a couple of large bags of chips. Now surely this didn't look like a party for two anymore. As we were checking out I decided to make sure the cashier knew we weren't pathetically eating this ourselves.

Me: "Heather, did you call the guys yet to let them know we're on our way?"
Heather: "Who?"
Me: "Did you call them and let them know we're coming??" through large eyes.
Heather: blank stare.

This little exchange ultimately resulted in ridiculous giggles
and being shamed for our gluttony."

These super sweet sisters are BFF's.
They're funny,
super talented quilters/designers
(each would say the other is more talented),
AND, of course, they are mamas!

Heather- "I am completely in love with my children. Nothing has brought me greater joy and happiness, or frustration and tears all at the same time!

Megan- My hubby and I look at each of our boys every day and just talk about how adorable/cute/funny they are. Will that ever stop? I can still stare at their faces in complete awe. There is absolutely nothing like being a mother.

~ Here is a sampling of their talents ~
You know how this works... leave a comment and tell Heather and Megan something you admire about them, something you learned, or just leave a little encouragement.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. What talented girls! LOVE their stuff : )

  2. Thanks girls for your super super nice spotlight!

  3. Wow - beautiful quilts! Love their sister tradition!

  4. I think I might have to hang some Christmas balls in my windows this year!
    Really enjoy their blogs too!

  5. What a fun sister duo! Love their patterns and their blogs!


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