Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet Jenny!


aka  Jenny

aka Aunt Jenny

aka J.B.
(junior boss or jelly bean, depending on who you ask)

Jenny is funny! She is silly, sweet, and smart.
And she is a big time poser!

She loves her family. Loves her new kitty, Libby.
Loves her school (Boomer Sooner!). And loves to cook. She's a messy left handed one,
but a good make-up-her-own-recipe kind of cook.

Jenny is the silliest and youngest of Nana's five kids.
 She can brighten any room and is loyal and honest.
She loves to watch The Office and makes us all laugh with her
well-timed Dwight or Michael quotations.

"That's what she said."

She LOVES Jack Johnson.
Mrs. Jack Johnson.
Jenny and Jack.
 Jenny Johnson.
Might work if he weren't already married.
 A girl can aways dream!
Here she is at his concert last month.
I think he sang several songs just for her!

As silly as she is, she is a serious scholar. She is a junior, getting her degree in
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences from the University of Oklahoma.

SONOgraphy. Not stenography.
(As in sonographs and ultrasounds.)

And she is a serious chef. From gluten free baked goodies to hearty fall meals, she makes it all.

And she is ours, and we love her.

We love you, Aunt Jenny!


  1. Love you Aunt Bean (aka Ka)!!
    Taylor and Kamrynn XOXO

  2. You may be the youngest but certainly mucho talented! Love you so much!


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