Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet Audra!

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Our Meet a Mama today, Audra, has always been struck by this verse. As you will see, Audra truly delights herself in the Lord!

She is a stay at home mama of two beautiful girls. Amelia is four and Aliza is 20 months. Audra and her best friend and hubby, Shawn, have been married for six years.

In addition to "mama" and former child life specialist at a children's hospital, Audra has recently added "seamstress extraordinare" to her list of titles. When you browse her children's clothing, it is hard to believe she only recently learned how to sew. You can find her adorable children's clothing
at her etsy store and on her blog.

Audra is calm and collected, levelheaded and wise. These qualities are reflected in the thoughtful way she crafts her clothes and her words.

Audra began sewing when her best friend, Angie, taught her how to sew a skirt for her girls about eight months ago. (I know! Eight months is not a long time ago. This girl has a serious gift for sewing!) Audra learned that day all the basics- following a pattern, selvages, grainlines, and how to thread a machine. Then, she went home and bought more patterns. Audra had caught the sewing bug!
(As so many of us can understand.)

The first skirt Audra made!
Audra says, "The surface answer to why I started sewing was that I like to dress my girls in cute clothes. But, really, I was longing to find something to channel my creativity into. I really needed a creative outlet as a stay at home mom and had not found one in the past several years that really kept my attention or that I had a passion for. The day I started sewing, I knew that I had found that passion. My husband calls sewing my gift from God, because I enjoy it that much!"

Audra's husband is right!

In addition to being a gifted seamstress, Audra is a sweet mama. Her biggest challenge is the isolation that can so easily happen as a stay-at-home mama. When Audra was working outside the home, she grew accustomed to a support system of co-workers and enjoys living her life in fellowship and community. These things can be difficult to find and fit in between nap schedules...chores... and just general crankiness! Knowing how important it is though, Audra puts effort into planning play dates and meeting other like minding moms that she and her children also have fellowship
that is so desperately needed!

Her greatest joy is seeing her children learn truth and live it out. They are learning that God loves them and that they are "wonderfully made."
Hence Audra's shop name, "Wonderfully Made" from Psalm 139:14.

Amelia, Audra's four year old, loves having conversations and sharing laughs with her mama. Audra loves that Amelia is insightful and thought provoking. She says, "I am learning as much from her about faith and life as she probably is learning from me." Aliza, her 20 month old, IS joy. Audra says she is the the happiest child she knows!

What sweet girls! And what a sweet, talented mama! You know how this works... leave some comments to help Audra have a great Monday! And, don't forget to check-out her etsy shop and blog!


  1. I LOVE your skirts and dresses! Super cute! Seems to me we're pretty like-minded. ;)

  2. Your things are adorable!!! Glad to bookmark your blog : ) Happy Monday!

  3. I LOVE your little girl clothes! You're so talented!

  4. What a great post! You are very talented, Audra!

  5. Adorable clothes and I love your choice of prints. You are very talented, keep it up!

  6. Thanks for letting us feature you. You made adorable clothes! I loved learning about your family.

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