Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sewing Buddy

This little Sweet Pea likes to play in the sewing room! 
There are lots of fun toys with interesting texture, shape and color.
I remember playing at my mother's feet while she was sewing.
I loved going through each scrap of fabric, stacking her spools of thread, 
playing with her button box.
Incredible memories!

My children did the same.  Playing with their sewing toys, the hum of the machine,
a smiling mommy : )

And now my grandchildren are enjoying their time in the sewing room!

1 small box of fabric + 1 tape measurer + 1 pencil box + 1 - 4" piece of elastic =
1 happily exploring baby!

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  1. so cute! maybe thats how all your children ended up being so crafty!


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