Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet a Mama Monday

Meet Diane

Mama to three grown daughters, Grandma to seven grandchildren,
 wife to my big brother for the past 45 years!!!,
She's thoughtful, reliable, kind and a QUILTER!

Whenever Diane and I get together we love to talk fabric.  It's fun to share and shop and plan.
We've talked about opening our own quilt shop.

 In an inspired moment, instead of a quilt shop, I suggested that if big brother Frank were truly a good husband he would buy his sweet wife a long arm quilter
(Diane had suggested it a time or two or three too).


Guess what...

And look who else likes to use it...

Yep, it's Quilter Frank!
Good job, brother!

Diane lives in Arizona and I always see color and pattern inspiration in her quilts from the
AZ desert and the Native American art that abounds there.
Lakota Star
Hopi Sun
Beautiful quilting

One of her favorite quilting books is a
Quilt in a Day publication called
She used several ideas from it to make this wall hanging... 
the black bears wandering around their Colorado cabin
also must have added some inspiration!


Diane's quilts can also be soft and old fashioned.

Gotta admire a quilter that can actually finish an appliqued quilt!
(my attempts always turn into a pillow - one pillow!) 

She also loves to make special quilts for her grandkids, nieces and nephews!

My brother and his quilting wife (and her sewing machine) travel around 
our beautiful country sightseeing and visiting family and friends.
She has led such a busy exciting life... farmer's daughter, hot air balloon pilot, 
Road Rally Racer, tour guide for middle schoolers.
Diane is also a newly retired middle school science teacher.
Talk about patience! Middle school kids and my brother!!!
Thank you Diane : )
Can't wait to see your next project.
We may get our quilt shop yet!


  1. And she's an awesome sister!!! Taught me how to quilt! It's an addiction....haha!! Linda

  2. What a nice article about Diane and her quilting!! Beautiful quilts and now long arm quilting!!! I really enjoyed this. Diane is an ole friend from 50 years ago! We both quilt, but she is a step ahead of me!!! Lucille

  3. Beautiful, wonderful quilts! I simply love the great variety of styles and colors. Is there anything Diane can't do? I think not. Not only a fantastic quilter, but also a fantastic friend.


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