Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Stella Pixie Hat

We first saw this adorable hat on Meg's site at Sew Liberated

Isn't it sweet?
It has a little bit of a vintage feel. But most of all, it just looks adorable!

Of course, when we first saw it, we thought... someone has to learn to knit!
We picked up some needles, bought some yarn, and printed the directions!

Nana called Hot Mama a/k/a her sister, Linda, who is a wonderful knitter, and through the wonders of the phone, she figured out what it meant when it said, "knit two, purl two."

And now, Nana is a Stella Pixie hat making machine!
She has made one for all the grand-babies! I can't wait until we can get them all together for a sweet picture in their Stella Pixie hats! 

Me, on the other hand... well, I've cast on about five times. I've knit about two rows and had to take it out. I finally convinced Nana to cast on for me and knit the first two rows. Perhaps by next winter I'll have made a hat!


  1. This reminds me. My birthday is about 335 days away, but if any of the sew many mamas wanted to make me a really great present, I would accept this whole heartedly:

    Nate Betzen

  2. The girls sure love theirs!! Can't wait for that pic to happen!!

  3. Aw, I love this hat! Nana is so talented.


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