Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet a Mutt Monday

Happy Meet-a-Mama Mutt Monday Tuesday! (I meant to post this all day yesterday, and somehow did not get around to doing it!)

A few weeks ago, my sweet husband happened to mention that maybe, just maybe, we might be amenable to adopting another dog or a kitty. Once Mom leaves, we will only have one dog in the house- which will feel VERY empty after our current situation of two dogs, one cat, and one kitten (for a month while Aunt Jenny is here). 

Within a hour of him mentioning the maybe I had downloaded the Pet Finder app for our i-Pad, looked at all the local shelters, and researched various breeds.

A few days later, Mom and I were running errands and decided to just stop by a local shelter- Animal Haven. Just to see if they had any kittens. A cat, after all, would be so much easier than a dog.

They did have  some cats. 

But, they also had this sweet 6 month old puppy. 

She was found as a stray with her brother. 
Her brother had just gotten adopted, and this sweet girl was lonely. 

With a face likes this...

well, you can guess how this story ended.

Maggie is the sweetest dog! She pleasantly surprised us by being pretty much housebroken!

She is still a little shy around strangers, but getting better every day. 

She plays. She cuddles. Her whole body wiggles when she sees us. She is the epitome of a dog who will do anything to please you. And, oh! do we love this sweet puppy!!!

She is also famous. Before she was adopted, she was in a photo shoot for People magazine with Cindy Williams (from Laverne and Shirley). Cindy Williams was doing a show in Kansas City where, at the end of each show, they would introduce a shelter dog from Animal Haven. People magazine covered the story... and, voila! This week's issue has her picture!

There's more to our experience adopting a pound puppy, but that will have to wait  for another day. For now, I'd just like to say, I love the people at Animal Haven, and we adore our sweet puppy!

(Karis is trying to kiss Maggie)


  1. What a cute puppy and boy did she luck out being adopted by such an awesome family! Looks like she just fits right in!

  2. Such a cutie! We bought People today and Taylor was SO excited to see Maggie!! Love her!

  3. Congratulations on your darling new addition! She looks like she's going to have a very happy life from now on.
    We're very excited (and a little daunted, if I'm honest) to be bringing our new puppy home tomorrow. :-)


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